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Women's Self Defence

How to defend against attackers?

A Personal Safety Survey conducted in 2012 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 5.3% of women had experienced some form of violence in the last 12 months, and 40.8% had experienced some form of violence since the age of 15.

Sometimes bad things happen unexpectedly. The Women's Defense Program will not make a student become a professional martial artist in a short time. In the worst case scenario, there is only 1% chance of escaping a dangerous situation. Regardless how good someone with their martial arts skill, the chance to escape from brutal attacker most likely remain the same.

The purpose of Women's Defense Program is preparing the student mentally and physically, how to react in the first place in the case trapped in that situation. With the only 1% of luck, in that circumstances, first, we only can rely on our subconscious reaction, and secondly, fitness. You wouldn't be able running fast enough if you're not physically fit and healthy.

In this program, we have two types of movement practices, a Muscle Memory exercises and Penghayatan Naluri (the closest term in English is "Instinct Deepening") process.

A. Muscle Memory

A muscle memory exercise is a fundamental theory in any martial arts school. The repetitive motion exercises of a particular movement form will train the muscle to memorise that action.

The result of that is to deliver an automatic response or reflex action to any attack from the opponent that does not need conscious thought.

B. Instinct Deepening

Penghayatan Naluri (instinct deepening) process is a unique method from Merpati Putih in conjunction with Muscle Memory exercises. In this process, a student learns how to record a movement into a subconsciousness level by following specific steps of practices which consists of meditation, visualisation and slow-motion movement.

Even though this method originated by Merpati Putih founder around 500 yrs ago, it's also well known in some modern schools, especially in music theory.

If you learn a musical instrument, you have to create a sound first in your head before pressing the keynotes. In our case, you have to visualise the movement in your imagination first before doing the action.

This method aims to increase the senses sensitivity in such pressed circumstance or an automated response to any un-controlled situation that might be put you in danger, where in that case, it's not possible to react based on conscious thought.

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