"To Seek and Find What's Right, Doing It In Silence"

Vibration Awareness

Vibration Awareness is a program that has been packaged to accommodate individual achievement to increase their senses sensitivity by exploring further in depth of inner power vibration.

This program is conducted systematically, divided into 4 phases consists of:

Phase 1: Environmental Detection

At this stage, training will be focused to increase student capabilities to detect the surrounding environment without touching the object.
Success rate: 90%

Phase 2: Mobility Improvement

To sharpen student identification skills through some obstacle lanes.
Success rate: 70%

Phase 3: Proficiency and Colour Detection

The accuracy enhancement of each movement such as colours detection with closed eyes.
Success rate: 50%

Phase 4: Expertise Stage

In this stage, the student will be trained with more complex skills such as finding an object with closed eyes.
Success rate: 30%

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