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Inner Power - Chi

The life force energy

Inner-power is an unseen energy force that circulates across the body, from the energy centres (chakra major) through the energy meridians (chakra minor). The concept of inner-power is well known in most of the ancient eastern cultures. In China, it is called Chi - the vital life force energy or in India known as prana.

The easiest way to explain inner-power and energy vibration is to look at how the magnet poles interact each other. Each chakra in our body generates energy waves similar to the magnet poles interaction. The energy waves produced by two type of energy element, the (-) negative energy (Yin), the female element and the (+) positive energy (Yang), the male element.

A deep and smooth breathe in and breathe out will improve the circulation of both energy elements, the Yin and Yang synchronisation.

The purpose of breathing exercise is to synchronise chakras that spread along body meridians. Each body posture and movement during breathing exercise will accelerate and activate the energy waves of specific chakra points.

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