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The Myth Of Health

Most of us grew up from western education. Our knowledge about health, medical, diseases symptoms and preventions are the results of scientific researchers. Researchers analysis and theories are based on a sampling of guinea pigs or a group of volunteers. From that study, we also know how to improve and maintain our health; which is a good thing. Read more

Inner Power - Chi

The life force energy

Inner-power is an unseen energy force that circulates across the body, from the energy centres (chakra major) through the energy meridians (chakra minor). The concept of inner-power is well known in most of the ancient eastern cultures. In China, it is called Chi - the vital life force energy or in India known as prana. Read more

Vibration Awareness

Vibration Awareness is a program that has been packaged to accommodate individual achievement to increase their senses sensitivity by exploring further in depth of inner power vibration. Read more

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